Cool Beverages

Want to keep your employees and guests happy? Having cold refreshing beverages available can help! Choice USA Full Line Vending offers all the major carbonated brands from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Sun Drop as well as a wide variety of non carbonated drinks like juice. Rather than leaving your facility during lunches and quick breaks for the right beverage, your employees will have what they are thirsting for, ready and available. See below for our soda, juice, energy drink and other cold beverage choices for your vending machines. Locally, we are known as the “Sun Drop” guys. We literally can take Sun Drop off the conveyor belt and have it in your vending machine the next day. Now that’s fresh!

Sundrop Products

Soda: Sundrop, Dt. Sundrop, CF Dt. Sundrop , CF Sundrop, Cherry Lemon Sundrop, 7up, Dt. 7up, Cherry 7up, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, A & W Rootbeer, RC Cola,Diet Rite Cola, Sunkist Orange, Dt. Sunkist Orange, Country Time Lemonade, Country Time Pink Lemonade, Sunny Delight, Hawaiian Punch, Cheerwine, Dt. Cheerwine, Cherry RC Cola, Diet Cherry Lemon Sundrop Sunkist Grape Water: Choice Springs Energy: Venom Regular, Venom Lo Carb, Venom Mango Juice: Welch’s Orange, Welch’s Apple, Welch’s Grape, Mystic Tea: Snapple

Coke Products

Soda: Coke, Dt Coke, CF Dt. Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Dr Pepper, Dt. Dr Pepper, Minute Maid Orangeade, Minute Maid Fruit Punch. Water: Dasani Grape Energy: Nos Grape, Full Throttle Juice: Minute Maid Orange, Minute Maid Apple

Pepsi Products

Soda: Pepsi, Dt. Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dt. Mt Dew Tea: Lipton Green, Lipton Dt. Green Isotonics: Gatorade Orange, Gatorade Fruit Punch, Gatorade Grape, Gatorade Lemon-Lime, Gatorade Cool Blue

Other Cool Beverage Options

Monster Energy Drinks: Regular, Lo Carb, Assualt, Khos, Rehab, Coffee Jarritos: Fruit Punch, Apple-Sidral, Senorial, Tamarindo, Mandarin. Whole Milk, Chocolate Milk, Yoo Hoo, Red Bull ALL FLAVORS including sugar free.